• Building

Keeping the Faith: Promoting Planned Giving for Unparalleled Campaign Success with Melanie Norton and Kristin Perks Champa

Put Away the Checkbook: Three Smart Gifts Your Donors Need to Know About with Ann Kolakowski

Integrating the Donor Story in Gift Proposals and Negotiations with Phil Purcell

Creating "Outside of the Box" Real Estate Gifts — Using 1031 Exchanges, DSTs, UPREITs, and Letting Landlords "Do Well by Doing Good" with Troy Wada

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  • Growing

Establish, Grow or Re-ignite Gift Planning with Jeff Grandy

Creating a Planned Giving Matching Challenge to Motivate More Legacy Commitments and Generate Cash NOW! with Maya Weil and Ryan Merkel

The Influence Formula — How to Resonate With Your Donors with Lance Brown

MOST of What We Think About Blended Gifts is DEAD WRONG — The TRUTH Could Fund the Future of Your Organization! with Darren Penny

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  • Connecting

Discover and Collaborate: How to Maximize the Charitable Conversation with Donors and Advisors with Amy Razem and Sara Swaney

Five Ways to Build Relationships With Your Mid-Level Donors with Tim Logan

The Art of Listening — It's Not What We Say. It's What We Hear that Matters with Wayne Olson

From Beverly Hills to ICU: When Gifts and Ethics Collide with Kimberly Jetton

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  • Sustaining

Raise More Gifts Through Planned Giving with Hal Abrams

The Strategic Partnership of Blended Gifts with Erin Jones and Sandy Liarakos

Types of Gifts Donors are Making in the Current Environment with Eddie Thompson

Transferring Your Values Through the Transfer of Your Valuables — Introducing Charitable Estate Planning to Others with Jeremy Pharr

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  • Leveraging

Going Beyond ChatGPT: Other AI Tools for Development Professionals with Gabriel Trieger and Kristen Jaarda

Leveraging DAFs for Planned Giving Success with Lisa Barr

Ultimate AI Prompts to Motivate Donors with Charles Schultz and Elaine Yamasaki

Igniting Extraordinary Generosity: Leveraging AI for Deep Human Connection with Dawn Fleming

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  • Prospecting

Understanding Your Legacy Society Donors to Better Predict Your Planned Giving Prospects with Kelsey Picken

GiftLegacy Advance — Maximize Your Charitable Contributions with DAFs and QCDs with Ryan LaCanfora and Sandra Henningsen

What Happens to Gift Planning After the Great Wealth Transfer? with Nicola Lawrence

"Plannual" Giving: A New Framework for Marketing Planned Gifts with Ray Watts

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