• Discover and Collaborate: How to Maximize the Charitable Conversation with Donors and Advisors

Speaker: Amy Razem and Sara Swaney

This session will explore why engaging with professional advisors can enable your organization to raise more funds. Becoming a philanthropic resource for your donors' financial advisors and estate attorneys not only builds credibility and trust, but also earns you a seat at the table when discussing charitable strategies for their clients. All successful fundraising professionals know that gifts of wealth are much larger than gifts of cash, and it's your responsibility to get in front of the people who are helping their clients strategize their charitable giving — both during life and after. Through this session you'll learn how to effectively collaborate with financial advisors and estate attorneys through building a business case for your organization, and how to access more opportunities to serve as the philanthropic advisor to the professional services sector in your community.

  • Five Ways to Build Relationships With Your Mid-Level Donors

Speaker: Tim Logan

For most organizations, Mid-Level donors represent a substantial but largely untapped revenue source. Both data and experience show that your Mid-Level donors have the capacity to make large donations. But reaching these donors takes more than gold foil and first-class stamps. The foundation of a successful Mid-Level Donor program is building meaningful relationships with your donors. In this session we will explore strategies to develop those donor relationships to inspire donors to become involved with your organization at a level that is meaningful to them. You will come away from this session: understanding the importance of developing a separate Mid-Level donor program; realizing the necessity of personal communication in Mid-Level fundraising; and knowing five ways to build relationships with your donors.

  • The Art of Listening — It's Not What We Say. It's What We Hear that Matters

Speaker: Wayne Olson

Donors will tell us everything, when we listen. This session will show you the one thing donors crave, but rarely receive; attention. We will learn new ways to encourage donors to be more comfortable, and open in both our marketing and our in-person relationships. We will be better able to recommend, create and complete more gifts when we master the subtle art of clear communication. Everyone who attends will learn practical take-aways to begin using right away that will make us all more effective fundraisers and communicators. As a bonus, we will also learn how to better interact with supervisors, peers and friends.

  • From Beverly Hills to ICU: When Gifts and Ethics Collide

Speaker: Kimberly Jetton

When a donor calls you from ICU to discuss a gift, what are the practical and ethical considerations a gift officer should consider? We will review my case study that encompasses a multi-million dollar home, family disfunction, and a demanding at-risk donor. What I discovered and what you should do.