• Establish, Grow or Re-ignite Gift Planning

Speaker: Jeff Grandy

Discover the art and science of securing planned gifts in this dynamic interactive session. Uncover insider tips on identifying prime planned giving prospects, nurturing potential donors, and successfully closing the deal. Gain valuable insights into crafting compelling asks through the strategic use of mail, email, and telephone communication. Legacy Lift combines the idea of a donor leaving a legacy through planned giving while elevating the organization's impact. Elevate your planned giving strategy during this session and leave armed with a solid plan of action for launching, growing, or re-igniting a successful planned giving campaign. Don't miss out on transforming your loyal donors into impactful legacy contributors thereby lifting the legacy of your organization!

  • Creating a Planned Giving Matching Challenge to Motivate More Legacy Commitments and Generate Cash NOW!

Speaker: Maya Weil and Ryan Merkel

In this practical presentation, two seasoned fundraisers from the arts and culture sector will talk about how they used a planned giving challenge match to double the size of their organization's legacy society in three years and generate more than $6 million in new commitments. The presentation will cover how this match can be structured, messaging tactics, timelines, tips for getting started and creating Board buy-in, and things the presenters wish they had known at the beginning. We've all heard of matching challenges for our annual fund and cash campaigns, but in this presentation, we'll discuss how to adapt that strategy for your planned giving program in a way that answers all those questions AND generates cash now. By linking a major cash gift to your planned giving program as a challenge match, you're creating a reason to start these planned giving conversations with broad donor segments, and creating a sense of urgency for planned giving prospects who are stuck in the pipeline. It's a strategy that is easily scalable for large or small organizations and gets results now and in the future.

  • The Influence Formula — How to Resonate With Your Donors

Speaker: Lance Brown

In this interactive and thought-provoking presentation, Lance introduces a powerful new self-assessment tool called The Influence Formula. This fresh and insightful framework will help fundraisers discover how they uniquely influence others and enable them to resonate with donors.

  • MOST of What We Think About Blended Gifts is DEAD WRONG - The TRUTH Could Fund the Future of Your Organization!

Speaker: Darren Penny

If Philanthropy professionals have been talking about blended gifts for more than a decade, why are so few gifts being realized? Because most of what we think is wrong. It is time to unravel the myths and get to the actionable truth about blended gifts. Blended gifts should not be the rare exception for your organization- They should be happening all the time. This session will dispel the false beliefs and usher in a season of abundance with you and your donors. This content is suitable for personal professional growth AND as a teachable tool-kit for your philanthropy team.