• Going Beyond ChatGPT: Other AI Tools for Development Professionals

Speaker: Gabriel Trieger and Kristen Jaarda

Generative AI is a term that has gained popularity in various industries, including development. While ChatGPT is an excellent tool for content creation, it is just one of the many AI tools available. This session aims to broaden your perspective by introducing diverse AI tools to enhance productivity significantly. In addition to ChatGPT, you can explore the capabilities of tools such as Canva for creative design, Grammarly for linguistic refinement, Google Bard for advanced search, Bing AI for comprehensive insights, Midjourney for innovative solutions, and Dall-E 2 for image generation. Understanding how to integrate these tools into your workflows will enable you to bring a wealth of AI resources back to your organization and leverage their numerous benefits for your constituents.

  • Leveraging DAFs for Planned Giving Success

Speaker: Lisa Barr

Leveraging DAFs for Planned Giving Success will equip major gift officers, planned giving officers, and other development professionals with knowledge about donor-advised funds (DAFs) so that they can speak with confidence about this gift vehicle. Attendees will learn the benefits of working with DAF donors to increase philanthropic commitments to their charities; how a DAF can accept complex assets; how to use DAFs to bring multiple generations into the philanthropic conversation; how DAFs can be used for estate planning purposes, and more.

  • Ultimate AI Prompts to Motivate Donors

Speaker: Charles Schultz and Elaine Yamasaki

Unlock the power of AI for your marketing materials. With AI, you can personalize and customize all of your marketing materials. You know that personalization is the key to engaging with your donors. Learn how AI can be your helpful writing expert to create engaging and encouraging marketing letters, brochures, postcards, briefs and newsletters.

  • Igniting Extraordinary Generosity: Leveraging AI for Deep Human Connection

Speaker: Dawn Fleming

The landscape of donor engagement is evolving, and your ability to distinguish yourself is more critical than ever. How can you capture the attention of philanthropists and have them eagerly anticipating your next outreach? In this exclusive session for fundraising experts, Dawn Fleming, CFRE, will share how to harness the power of AI for a revolutionary shift in your donor interactions. Dawn will guide you through integrating AI tools within the timeless Extraordinary Donor Experience (EDE) framework. This strategic approach will advance your fundraising goals and create meaningful connections fostering increased donor retention and lifetime value for your important mission.