• Keeping the Faith: Promoting Planned Giving for Unparalleled Campaign Success

Speaker: Melanie Norton and Kristin Perks Champa

As the great wealth transfer gets rolling in earnest, organizations that intentionally integrate planned giving into their campaign plans have the opportunity to realize success in ways previously unimagined. Learn how focused campaign preparation and holistic campaign strategies can create advocates by educating leaders, volunteers, and supporters about the benefits of planned giving. Understand marketing nuances for different types of organizations and how planned giving can be positioned to strengthen giving. Whether a faith-based institution or not, this session will help you keep the faith by highlighting ways for planned giving to touch every facet of your campaign.

  • Put Away the Checkbook: Three Smart Gifts Your Donors Need to Know About

Speaker: Ann Kolakowski

There's nothing more exciting than receiving a big check from a donor. Or is there? Only 7 percent of household wealth is held as cash, yet 85 percent of charitable gifts are made in that form. Research shows that encouraging donors to make gifts of wealth (using non-cash assets) results in larger gifts to charities with greater benefits for the donor. In this session, we'll look at three methods that leverage the power of shifting from disposable income: gifts of appreciated securities, qualified charitable distributions, and donor advised funds. Even small shops can benefit from incorporating these approaches into their work.

At the end of this session, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the basic concepts of gifts of appreciated securities, qualified charitable distributions, and donor advised funds.
  • Understand the benefits of each gift type.
  • Learn conversation tips on when and how to discuss these gifts with donors.
  • Integrating the Donor Story in Gift Proposals and Negotiations

Speaker: Phil Purcell

This session will highlight best practices for listening, archiving, and integrating the donor story in your gift proposals and negotiations. Specific topics of donor stories will include themes such as building trust, maximizing philanthropy, saving taxes, retirement concerns, maintaining options, sacrifice, participation, entrepreneur, cash poor/asset rich and more. Ideas for successful proposals, applicable gift vehicles, and conversation prompts will be shared. Questions and discussion will be encouraged.

  • Creating "Outside of the Box" Real Estate Gifts — Using 1031 Exchanges, DSTs, UPREITs, and Letting Landlords "Do Well by Doing Good"

Speaker: Troy Wada

For many in the U.S., real estate has been a great way to build wealth and provide for their families. In a period when the aging population is nearing, or in retirement, real estate values are at all-time highs, mortgage interest rates have increased, there is a fear of income taxes increasing, and real estate investors are looking for ways to simplify their life, while maximizing their returns on those investments — Charitable Planned Giving is more attractive than ever. But maximizing real estate gifts are usually never as easy as creating a Charitable Trust and donating the property. What if they have a mortgage? What if they wanted to have some cash from their real estate — but aren't willing to pay the taxes? Understanding and utilizing tax codes like the 1031 exchange, Section 121 Homeowner's Exemption, 721 Umbrella Partnerships, and combining them with investment vehicles like Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST's) and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT's) — can create a powerful Charitable Planned Gift. Of course, it will take a team. Learn what professionals are needed to create an "Outside of the Box" Real Estate Gift and how a Win (Donor), Win (Charitable Organization), and Win (Community) is created when a team works on behalf of the donor.