• Raise More Gifts Through Planned Giving

Speaker: Hal Abrams

A Practical Guide for Major Gift Fundraisers. This session evaluates 6-8 case studies of circumstances where a donor has declined a solicitation, citing a specific reason. For each case study, various planned giving techniques will be explored to identify how to overcome the reason for declining the ask. In each case, specific language will be shared to help the fundraiser find their voice in introducing the ideas that may turn the initial "no" into "yes."

  • The Strategic Partnership of Blended Gifts

Speaker: Erin Jones and Sandy Liarakos

The "Strategic Partnership of Blended Gifts" will present strategies utilized to raise the level of planned gifts in an already successful development office. We will cover:

  • Highlights and ROI of a customized training program on Gift Planning implemented for Major Gift Officers to grow a culture of collaboration. Our focus in each of our organizations, has been to equip MGO's to be comfortable asking for non-cash assets.
  • Messaging and talking points for MGO's on how to engage donors with planned gift conversations.
  • Utilizing portfolio meetings to uncover gift planning prospects and form strategy on blended gift solicitations.
  • A checklist for Blended Gifts.

Professor Russell James has analyzed IRS data from over 1 million Form 990's filed by over 205,000 non-profit organizations. This data clearly shows that higher educational institutions that emphasize the acceptance of non-cash assets raise significantly more money than those who emphasize gifts of cash.

Research from BWF, a national fundraising consulting firm shows that the time spent on Gift Planners consulting with and assisting Major Gift Officers in strategy development and joint calls is a net positive for any organization.

  • Types of Gifts Donors are Making in the Current Environment

Speaker: Eddie Thompson

The presentation will review four keys to success for securing future gifts. We will review three types of donors and three traditional gifts, explore two types of wealth accumulators and suggest giving techniques donors are using in the current environment.

  • Transferring Your Values Through the Transfer of Your Valuables — Introducing Charitable Estate Planning to Others

Speaker: Jeremy Pharr

Are you struggling to find ways to introduce planned giving to your supporters? In this session, we will learn several ideas that you can use to engage your prospects in a conversation about the importance of charitable estate planning. We will learn several persuasive concepts, as well as simple technical and tax issues, that are effective at creating interest among donors from across the socio-economic spectrum. By the end of our session, you will be energized and prepared to introduce gift planning to all of your supporters!